Friday, February 20, 2009

The Importance of Ego

I was thinking today about the importance of the ego. Without the ego, you would not exist. I do not think too highly of any religious of spiritual system that tries to eliminate this vital component of life in any kind of perminate way. Without ego, we would not be able to make choices that benifet us as individuals. We would keep going around thinking we are other people or that our decisions do not matter.
One day a few months ago, I saw some graffiti where I lived. It had these heads with open mouths, and underneath was written the word, ego. I still do not completely get it. I also saw a gray lightning shaped streak in the sky after I drew it out on paper.

Anyway, my husband gets to hear about his ego all the time. People try to put him down at work and school and be hard on him. That is bad for his ego. It is important to tell people how great they are all the time as well. Sometimes that is not an easy thing to be doing, because people want to tell each other what they don't like about the other person instead of what they do like about them.